11 Benefits Of Being Sober

With a sharper mind, your daily activities can be managed better. Your path will become apparent, and living clean will take precedence. Overcoming addiction will bring a sense of ease to them and, more importantly, to you. You will begin to attract the right people into your life. You will subsequently be able to form and keep more meaningful and supportive relationships. You will no longer be wasting precious time chasing that high.

benefits of living a sober life

The structure in place is intended to provide residents with a level of support unavailable for most people at home. I am a different person now, and I am fired up about helping other people get to the place where they, too, are living better, healthier, andbiggerlives.

Substance Abuse

But they might be stuck feeling nothing for an undetermined amount of time, possibly a very long period of time spanning years. If you or someone you know experiences mental health issues, it is important to seek help from a qualified professional.

benefits of living a sober life

They also share responsibility for taking care of the property, making meals, and maintaining a socially decent living environment. Of course, since this is not complete independent living, residents need to adhere to some basic rules. In a sober living home, you’ll be living alongside others undertaking a broadly similar journey. They will fully understand the cravings and feelings of helplessness you might be experiencing. All of these people, just like you, will be committed to change and committed to sustained sobriety.

Living with other people may be difficult to you, but your family and friends will be relieved that you aren’t living anywhere worse, like on the streets. It will be difficult to start living on your own right out of treatment. But it is also a place to meet new sober friends and start healthy, good habits. It is, on average, six months out of your life, but those months can make all the difference. It can provide opportunities for independent living and more freedoms, but it also keeps a person away from the typical distractions and temptations of living at home. The benefits of sober living are so valuable for a person in recovery.

Guidance And Support On

It’s never a healthy relationship when either partner is not living a sober lifestyle. You might opt to go for counseling or check-in into a rehab facility if you are to see your relationships work. On its own, a sober lifestyle is nothing more than just you not taking drugs or alcohol. But delve deeper into what that affords you, Sober living houses and you’ll come to realize that there are countless benefits to living a sober lifestyle. The basic disease model of addiction says that plenty of people use drugs or alcohol to medicate their problems away. If this sounds like you, you might be surprised to find out how much more effectively you can deal with things sober.

  • Productivity in itself doesn’t have to be life changing, but reclaiming a life that’s productive can be.
  • If you or someone you know experiences mental health issues, it is important to seek help from a qualified professional.
  • If you harness this newfound energy, you should find your productivity, strength, and fitness levels also start noticeably improving.
  • It’s much easier to keep up with that obligation and stay in that frame of mind.
  • John C. Umhau, MD, MPH, CPE is board-certified in addiction medicine and preventative medicine.
  • I also see higher-functioning clients consuming more alcohol than they’d like — become even more higher-functioning — without consuming alcohol ever again.

People suffer from hangovers in varying degrees of severity. You can be confident in your relationships and their healthy Alcoholism in family systems nature. You can be confident in your choices, activities, and abilities to create the life you always wanted.

Improved Sleep

As you move away from drinking or using drugs, you’ll reevaluate many of your friendships. Friendships predicated on substance abuse are toxic to your recovery. Sober living homes allow you to start making healthier choices with a far more fruitful outcome than substance abuse.

benefits of living a sober life

These drug-free, alcohol-free homes help residents stay strong and sober while transitioning from active addiction to normal living. Like many people, when I first started contemplating sobriety, I worried that I wouldn’t be able to connect to other people without the social lubricant of drugs or alcohol. If you need some motivation to live a sober life, calculating how much you’ve spent on alcohol over the past year might just be the reality check you need. There are so many wonderful and sober places to explore. As you achieve your sobriety goals and work toward a healthier you, you will begin to notice an improvement in your mental health.

Benefits Of Being Sober

In addition to the potential harm that heavy alcohol use has on your physical and mental health, it can also negatively impact your relationships with family and friends. By going clean, staying clean and nursing your sobriety, you gain a shot at a stable and healthy weight. Some turn from an addiction to drugs or alcohol to an addiction to food or develop eating disorders to cope with post-rehab stress. When you’re sober, you have more time and mental energy to spend on the people who matter most to you.

Late night benders can result in early morning stops at Jack-in-the-Box or microwave pizzas. Without alcohol in your system however, you have the time, energy and learning capacity to try new recipes. When you’re sober however, you don’t waste your time thinking of when you’ll drink again, nor do you go out of your way to drink again. Plus, assuming you’ve eliminated all your triggers, there’s a good chance your schedule has freed up tremendously, so you have time to explore or start new projects. We live in a world where appearances count, and the cumulative effect of all the benefits of sobriety is that you’ll look much better. According to the disease model of addiction, many people self-medicate problems with alcohol, prescription medications, or illicit drugs. As you move into sobriety and sustained recovery, you’re likely to start exercising more, continuing to make your body fitter and stronger rather than barraging it with alcohol.

benefits of living a sober life

When the body is deprived of essential nutrients it cannot perform properly and will begin to deteriorate over time. Addiction can take everything away from a person including their money. When a drug really has a hold on a person they will devote all of their resources towards getting their next fix despite the negative consequences that will occur. When addiction is removed from the equation a person has taken a vital step towards fixing their finances. Some people can’t imagine going to a social event without a drink in their hand. By learning to be comfortable in one’s own skin without needing anything else to do so, a person is better able to connect with others.

Your sleep patterns may be altered and you may not think about eating healthy when you’re under the influence. Substance misuse can also affect your immune system and your digestive system. Unfortunately, there is a stigma surrounding those with addiction. In fact, many people view those suffering from addiction as being lazy and benefits of living a sober life crazy. The only true way to avoid this stigma as an addict is to redeem yourself by becoming sober. Once you start living a sober life, people will respect you and your ability to overcome life’s obstacles. We’ll look next at what you can expect to gain from basing yourself at a sober living home for substance abuse treatment.

Finances And Career

Casa Nuevo Vida is a community, and part of the healing process is learning how to be a good community member. We know that dealing with systemic racism, fear of violence, and discrimination is traumatic. We are committed to supporting people in our communities in need of compassion and trauma-informed care. In addition, we have set up a Social Justice Scholarship Fund, as a way to provide treatment for individuals who are facing jail time for drug-related offenses. Second, everyone is either going to treatment or going to meetings.

Living a sober life is among the ways you can improve your health. On its own, sobriety is not a punishment nor is it boring. It can initially seem painful but it’s a huge step towards self-improvement. Living with sobriety in mind each day will give you the coping strategies that you need to handle challenges in life. Treatment therapy gives an addict the tools to handle emotional stress without the aid of substances. Focusing on sober life each day will give you the armor you need to help prevent relapse. After a while, you will start to see that people look to you for guidance.

It’s easy to spend money you don’t have when you are not in the right state of mind. You may find yourself spending frivolously or putting yourself in harm’s way in order to make a deal. Filling your body with harmful substances is not beneficial. It leaves little room for the dense nutrients that your body desperately needs to function properly. When people are under the influence, they usually don’t make the best decisions.

Author: Darren Redmond